Flooding can be overcome

You never know when moderately heavy rainfall will cause flash flooding in your neighborhood or city. These days, flooding seems to be more commonplace as cities and neighborhoods get congested and drainage systems can’t keep up with all the waste and accumulating garbage. So, what do you do when your house gets flooded? How do you approach waterproofing your flooded basement?

Step one—drain the water

Before you do anything, take a few photos surveying the area so you have proof for your insurance company.

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How to dry a wet basement that has flooded

How to dry a wet basement, is probably the most frequently posed question that we receive. One should really be asking, though, how to prevent it happening again!

Wet basements are certainly unpleasant places, and the damp, musty, moldy smell will tend to permeate your whole home every time the house is closed up for a period.  Returning from a great vacation, to be met by that nasty odor when you open the front door, is certainly going to spoil your mood!

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Damp musty moldy odor in the house – where to look first

When you walk into your home after it’s been closed up for a while, and get a whiff of that damp musty moldy smell, here’s how to go about finding the cause.

Where is the dampness coming from?
The problem is obviously lingering dampness, and the source of that may be located anywhere inside or outside of the building. What you need to do is to check all the possible areas where the water may be getting in.

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Musty Moldy Basements Causes and Solutions

There’s no place like home
There’s no place like home, goes the old saying, and even after the best vacation everyone looks forward to returning to the comforts of one’s very own bed. We’ve unpacked the trunk and all the cases are piled up on the steps to the front door. Turning the key, you quickly punch in the alarm code, and step inside, and whew! Where does that musty moldy smell come from?

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Sump Pumps Prevent Your Basement from Flooding

When your basement floods, whatever the cause, the first problem you face is how to get rid of all of the water. Once you’ve solved the problem, you want to be absolutely sure that it never happens again, and sump pumps may be the answer.

What causes basement flooding
If the natural subterranean ground water, or water table as it is known, rises above the level of your foundations, you may experience regular basement flooding.

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Crawl Space Waterproofing Solutions

What is a crawl space?
A crawl space could be described as a miniature basement area, built beneath the house, providing an area of limited height, which raises the structure off the ground. While they are extremely useful areas, through which utility ducting and plumbing can be run, bad design can cause a variety of problems. The main issue that needs to be addressed is the need for satisfactory crawl space waterproofing.

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Waterproofing problems and your home basement

Why are basements subject to waterproofing problems?
As the name clearly implies, a basement is the area at the lowest point of a building. As everyone knows, this is an area that is often subject to waterproofing problems. In most homes,  the basement is fully, or at least partially below ground level, and the big problem is how to keep exterior damp from getting in.

Ground moisture and the water table
Now, all soil has a certain amount of moisture present in it.

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Keep Mold and Damp Out of Your Home and Basement

That dank, musty smell caused by mold spores
Everyone is familiar with the musty moldy smell that hangs in the air of some homes. It is definitely not pleasant and is certainly not healthy. Often when the house has been closed up for several weeks, one gets a whiff of that smell when one first walks back in. The presence of the mold spores that float in the air and give rise to this smell.

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What Causes a Damp Basement?

We are often asked how the water that causes a damp basement gets into the house. Many people have come to accept that their basement is always going to have something of a musty odor, and simply put up with this without trying to fix it. This is usually the case with basement areas that have not been finished, and are used primarily as a laundry area and for utility storage.

The truth is that in almost every case the fault is due to bad drainage around the perimeter of the home, and with a little professional help, this can be solved.

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Your Damp Basement Problem & How French Drains Can Solve It

We left off last time discussing the water table and its role in causing wet soggy back yards and a damp basement. As we explained, the rain and melt water that percolates down into the earth’s crust, will eventually join up with the  natural underground springs and sources, which are present in every locality. The upper level of this subterranean water when it is fuelled by heavy rains, can, and often does, rise up close to the surface of the ground around your home.

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